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The mission of DCN (District of Columbia Network) is to provide information regarding the many programs, services and opportunities made available by the District of Columbia Government. The mission of DCC (District Council Channel) is to provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of the live and recorded activities of the Council of the District of Columbia and its various committees. Together these channels are intended to provide District of Columbia residents access to the activities and processes of the government.

The goal of DKN (District Knowledge Network) has been two-fold - to support DCPS (District of Columbia Public Schools) in its mission to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills and values necessary to live rich and fulfilling lives as responsible, productive and enlightened members of society; and, to support OSSE (Office of the State Superintendent of Education) in its mission to set high standards, provide support resources, as well as, exercise accountability that ensures that all District of Columbia school students receive a quality education.


The purpose of these regulations is to provide guidelines for the use of DCN, DCC and DKN. DCN, DCC& DKN are government channels as provided for in the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984. The Cable Act establishes government channels, educational channels, and public channels for use by each of the corresponding broad groups. Because DCN, DCC & DKN are government channels, there are no legal requirements to broadcast any type of programming that is not government related. OCT offers closed captioning and language translations of programming by request. Requests can be forwarded to OCT@DC.gov. DCN, DCC & DKN are dedicated to providing programming that is centered on government programs, activities and services.


The objectives for the use of DCN, DCC & DKN are:

  • to increase public knowledge of the functions and responsibilities of city government, and of the functions of the various agencies, departments, commissions, committees, boards and the Council of the District of Columbia;
  • to provide programming that encourages an aware and educated electorate;
  • to serve as an ongoing source of government information for residents of the District of Columbia and others;
  • to serve as an official information center in the case of a local emergency preparedness situation, i.e. flood, fire, or crime;
  • to provide information on public health, safety and welfare issues; and
  • to provide programming that highlights current events and community events.


The regulation information is located here.